Tanzania 2015


Many thanks for all your support, inquiries and thoughts during Gayle’s trip to Tanzania.  The visit was too short – intense, and wonderful.  The Trustees worked hard to care for current scholarship recipients and to review the many new candidates.  Gayle enjoyed meeting with scholarship students, friends, and young people she had taught at KEMPS.

Gayle was welcomed by former students, current and former scholarship students, and by candidates under consideration for assistance.  It was great to meet with the GLK Trustees at two separate (and long) meetings and to spend time with them informally as well.  This was Gayle’s first time to meet Philemon Johannes who has begun helping the scholarship fund in recent months.

Good news:  the scholarship work is going well!  Bad News:  the need is still very great!  Government schools continue to deteriorate and Tanzanian students and families are left with little choice in their search for a decent education.  In the coming months, we will present our new students.  We ask that you consider supporting their efforts and our work.

Photos are posted to our Flickr account.  Watch for new postings.