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Alex lost his parents before he started school.  An uncle offered to pay for Alex to go to a good primary school if Alex was accepted.  Shortly after being accepted to preschool, the uncle died.  Alex spent a year in his village before a sponsor was found for him.  His intelligence and motivation were immediately apparent.  Alex has been at the top of his class throughout his years at Kibeta English Medium Primary School.  He subsequently was graduated from secondary school.  He wants to become a doctor and he is certainly able academically. We look forward to helping him with his progress.

In his own words in a letter to his sponsors, Alex says:

I am studying hard in order to achieve something at the end. At our school they provide us with quality education and care…I would like to give thanks to you for paying for my school fees from Standard One until now and I wish and beg you to continue like that up to the end. May God be with you in your life.


Evodius met us first one evening several years ago bringing along an uncle to represent the parents who had died.  He was a desperate but hopeful young man who placed the hopes of his future success on our shoulders by telling director Gayle, “We trust you.”

Dreams of an education had ended halfway through secondary school when funds for the school fees ran out.  Evodius returned to work on a small family plot with his siblings.  He wanted to pursue further academic studies and technical training as an electrician and came to us highly recommended by Jasson Kamala, the then headmaster of Kashasha Vocational Training College (KVTC).

Trustee Judith and her husband Solomon, an electrician, interviewed Evodius, performed further due diligence, and recommended his scholarship application.  Evodius graduated from  Kashasha Vocational Training College (KVTC)  and qualified to continue to the next level of electrical installation studies at Arusha Technical College for a one year program.  It is his ticket to the future!


We introduced you to Frank in October of 2014.  He is a VERY bright boy whose family had fallen on very difficult times.  We were concerned that Frank’s potential was being cut off at a very young age.

Since 2014, we have helped Frank to graduate from Imani English Medium Primary School in Karagwe.  Because of his ability and hard work, Frank passed the Primary School National Examinations with outstanding results and was selected to join one of Tanzania’s national special schools designated for gifted students (Bwiru Boys Secondary School). This is a difficult challenge for many students as the selection requirements are quite rigorous.

GLK is proud that it has contributed to providing the best learning environment for Frank in Primary school education which established a firm foundation for his education and we wish him a success both in life and studies.


Ines, a scholarship candidate we have supported since 2014, lost her father last year in a traffic accident. Her mother, Theonestina, works hard at a local kiosk selling shoes, bed-sheets, etc. to support both Ines and her brother Fred. Her monthly income of approximately $33 is not enough for most family expenses, and certainly not for the primary school education that Ines deserves.

We are proud to say that Ines successfully graduated from primary school and is attending Iluhya Secondary School.  Her mother and brother are as proud of her as we are.  She continues her studies supported by a GLK scholarship.

Ines 2020


Jenifer began pre-school at a public school, but had to drop out because she owed $4 in school fees. Because her hardworking mother – who was deserted by her husband – could not even find this small amount, Jennifer was denied entrance to primary school which is normally free at government schools. When we met her, she was growing up without going to school at all. She lost over a year of school and at 7 years old, had to begin over again.

The GLK Student Fund has assisted Jenifer from preschool, when we were happy to pay her debt, through primary school at Kibeta English Medium Primary School, and now at Iluhya Secondary School as a boarding student. Her sponsor and the GLK scholarship fund are pleased to give Jenifer this chance.

When Jenifer heard that she might go to a good school, she promised to get a good education for her older sisters and to build a home for her mother.


Yared is a born leader – at school, home and church, school. Trustee Grace met him when she was visiting a small village church and was surprised to find a very young Yared conducting the choir! Later she discovered that he fulfilled another leadership role as the head prefect at his primary school. He is a charismatic young student with great potential.

Yared’s family lived in a mud and straw house with a grass floor and a tin roof. They would never be able to help Yared attend a school where he could get the education he deserves. We evaluated his situation and chose an excellent boarding primary school for Yared to attend. In 2021, he graduated from primary school earning straight ‘A’s, and was chosen by the government to attend Tabora Boys Secondary School – an honor and reward for his strong academic performance.


Aivan 2017


Aivan came to us via Trustee Grace, who works in public health in the Karagwe District between Bukoba (Lake Victoria) and the Rwandan border.  She introduced us to the son of one of her former colleagues….someone she respected and appreciated over the years.

Traditionally, in Tanzania, health care workers were able to be hired even if the worker wasn’t fully qualified.  However, that has changed and Tanzania is now trying to make sure that every government employee is fully qualified.  While this is a noble goal which corrects a long history of hiring those without the proper qualifications, this has also resulted in the loss of employment of many able employees who are technically under-qualified.  One person fitting this description is Aivan’s mother.  She has spent years serving in public health, but without an official qualification.  At the end of 2017, she, along with many health assistants lost their jobs. She moved back to her family farm in Karagwe, and will not be able to support Aivan in a good school.

Aivan’s ability and intelligence is so evident that GLK decided to make an emergency payment at the end of 2017.  We have committed to supporting him through elementary school.  He is at the top of his class and deserves this chance.  He has performed so well academically and we enjoy seeing his progress.

Aivan 2017


Aivan with his Mother

Aivan with his Mother