Checking in on Frank


We introduced you to Frank in October of 2014.  He is a VERY bright boy whose family had fallen on very difficult times.  We were concerned that Frank’s potential was being cut off at a very young age.

Thank you to our newest colleague Philemon who traveled deep into the heart of Karagwe to visit Frank.  Karagwe is not so distant from our home town of Bukoba, but it is a difficult trip due to road conditions.  Fortunately, Imani English Medium Primary School is there (IEMPS).

According to Philemon’s report, Frank is very good in Mathematics, Science, and Geography.  He is hardwording but also loves playing football.  At the moment, Frank is in the top 10 of his class, but his expectation is to be in position 1 in the June results.

Frank is very happy to be at his school.  He is the discipline prefect of his school.  He wishes to become a pilot, and his best friend is Jankin.