About the Fund

The GLK Student Fund started when the fund’s namesake, Gayle Lyn Kliever, spent five years teaching in Tanzania. She saw talented, worthy students who had the ability but not the means to advance in their studies. The government’s educational system is inadequate. The private school alternative -with tuition, room and board at a decent school – can easily exceed the average annual income.

Many students are barely surviving in dire situations that make studies a lower priority than finding a decent meal and clean water. Tanzania has been ravaged by AIDS and other diseases. Over 60% of scholarship students have lost one or both parents and have limited support and often no idea where they will sleep or what they will eat. They cannot improve their situations alone.

Tired of seeing people lead lives of victimization and poverty, Gayle did something about it. She started by helping one student in 2009. Over 75  students have been helped since then. The trustees and directors of the scholarship fund – professionals in Tanzania and the US – ensure that only worthy and needy students are helped. With your help, we can do more and help more students build hopeful futures of potential and productivity.

As of December 2019:

  • 15 graduates at the primary school level
  • 20 graduates at the secondary school level
  • 12 university graduates
  • 12 college graduates (including nursing and teaching colleges)
  • 20 graduates from vocational schools and colleges
  • Many of our scholarships students have obtained employment and are supporting themselves and others
  • Our school resource program has given financial aid to assist schools in computer and teacher support, farming projects, water tank and water diversion projects, building latrines and laundry facilities, and food and school meal programs.

The fund is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization in the United States and an incorporated trust in Tanzania. With the clear vision and oversight of the fund’s all-volunteer board and trustees, you can be sure that your contribution will make an immediate and lasting difference in the lives of those who so desperately need it. A donation that seems modest by Western standards can change a life in Tanzania.

The Gayle Lyn Kliever Student Fund was incorporated May 22, 2009.
It holds 501 (c) (3) Charitable Contribution Status and has the F.E.I.N. 36-4658214

The Gayle Lyn Kliever Student Trust was incorporated in Tanzania May 14, 2009.
It holds the Certificate of Incorporation Number 3715.