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The GLK Student Fund regularly publishes a newsletter to keep donors, volunteers, and other stakeholders updated with the latest news on our organization and students.  We publish once a month and do not give our subscriber information to anyone else.  Please sign up.

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Accountability and Transparency

April 2023

We have just renewed our Candid Gold Seal of transparency for 2023. Our last renewal was in 2018. Candid, the merger of GuideStar Exchange and the Foundation Center, is the… Read more »

New Student Brightness

Scholarship News

March 2022

As the new school year began in January, the GLK Student Fund dealt with a large number of continuing and new scholars.  As of March, we are supporting 75 scholarships: … Read more »


Primary School Graduates

October 2021

The GLK Scholarship Fund will celebrate a record-breaking number of primary school graduates this year.  We were all excited as we began to realize the number of our scholarship students… Read more »


Congratulations Graduates!

October 2019

Graduation is a very special day to recognize the achievements and hard work of a student. Sometimes, graduation day is the only really special celebration in a young Tanzanian’s life…. Read more »

Students with Special Challenges

May 2018

Three of our new 2017 scholarships were awarded to students with disabilities.  We were fortunate to come to know Violeth, Irene, and Zulfa and we share their stories very briefly… Read more »

Aivan 2017

New Student Aivan

May 2018

Aivan is one of our newest scholarship students.  He came to us via Trustee Grace, who is the director of nursing at Bunazi Health Clinic, an important health center for… Read more »

Thrivent Choice Dollars – A new way to give

May 2018

For our donors who participate in Thrivent Financial, we want you to know the GLK Student Fund is qualified as an official recipient of Thrivent’s Choice Dollars.  If you are… Read more »

NAAPOK Bead Project of Ketumbeine, Tanzania

November 2017

At one time the Maasai of northern Tanzania could survive on traditions and practices revolving around their livestock.    Now education, health issues, population growth, land restrictions, and drought are all… Read more »

GLK Student Retreat

August 2017

On June 2nd, 37 scholarship students supported by the GLK Student Fund were able to join together for a fun weekend retreat where they could learn and network other students… Read more »

New Hwa-Sang Tai M.D. Nursing Scholarship Student

April 2017

We are excited to announce that Frank Jackson is our newest recipient of the Hwa-Sang Tai Nursing Scholarship.  Hwa-Sang Tai, M.D. was the father of Dr. Jung Tai, a long-time… Read more »

Frank Receives Prestigious Secondary School Placement

February 2017

The GLK Student Fund would like to announce that one of its own scholarship students, Frank passed the Primary School National Examinations with outstanding results and was selected to join… Read more »

New Scholarships: David and Lightness

August 2016

David and Lightness are the eldest children of six who share a two room home with their mother.  Their motivation and ability have been noticed at their school, Bethania Primary… Read more »

Announcing our Hwa-Sang Tai M.D. Nursing Scholarship

August 2016

Hwa-Sang Tai, M.D. Nursing Scholarship Hwa-Sang Tai, M.D. was the father of Dr. Jung Tai, a long-time supporter and volunteer of the GLK Student Fund.  Jung Tai has generously donated… Read more »


August 2016

Graduation from primary school (standard 7) is always regarded as a big event.  On August 28th, Kibeta English Medium Primary School (KEMPS) held its graduation ceremony.   Two of the proud… Read more »

Global Giving visits GLK Student Fund

August 2016

On June 26th, one of Global Giving’s in-the-field  represenatives, Kelly Kurz came to visit the GLK Student Fund to meet with trustees, volunteers, and, of course, our students. Hosted by Joyce Lwakatare… Read more »

Meet Melissa

August 2016

We are so happy to introduce new scholarship recipient, Melissa.  In February, when the trustees were meeting to discuss candidates, a guardian friend of Melissa’s brought her to meet us. … Read more »


“We Trust You”

July 2015

These were the parting words given to me by two young men after our interview in February.  Evodius and Hassan came to meet me late one evening – each  bringing… Read more »

Asante sana! to St. Luke’s Lutheran Church

June 2015

Thank you to St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in Times Square for a special gift that enabled Kibeta English Medium Primary School to make repairs and renovations to the school property. … Read more »

Meet Melissa

June 2015

We are so happy to introduce new scholarship recipient, Melissa.  In February, when the trustees were meeting to discuss candidates, a guardian friend of Melissa’s brought her to meet us. … Read more »

Checking in on Frank

April 2015

We introduced you to Frank in October of 2014.  He is a VERY bright boy whose family had fallen on very difficult times.  We were concerned that Frank’s potential was… Read more »

Tanzania 2015

March 2015

Many thanks for all your support, inquiries and thoughts during Gayle’s trip to Tanzania.  The visit was too short – intense, and wonderful.  The Trustees worked hard to care for… Read more »

Tanzania Meets NYC

February 2015

GLK Student Fund was more than excited to welcome GLK Trustee, Judith Bukambu and her husband Solomon to New York City in November.  It was a first time visit for… Read more »

Answering the Important Questions

February 2015

Recently, the GLK Student Fund was featured in a blog post written by long-time volunteer, Jessica Zulawski and published by UnSectored.  UnSectored is an organization based in Washington, D.C. that… Read more »