Evodius met us first one evening several years ago bringing along an uncle to represent the parents who had died.  He was a desperate but hopeful young man who placed the hopes of his future success on our shoulders by telling director Gayle, “We trust you.”

Dreams of an education had ended halfway through secondary school when funds for the school fees ran out.  Evodius returned to work on a small family plot with his siblings.  He wanted to pursue further academic studies and technical training as an electrician and came to us highly recommended by Jasson Kamala, the then headmaster of Kashasha Vocational Training College (KVTC).

Trustee Judith and her husband Solomon, an electrician, interviewed Evodius, performed further due diligence, and recommended his scholarship application.  Evodius graduated from  Kashasha Vocational Training College (KVTC)  and qualified to continue to the next level of electrical installation studies at Arusha Technical College for a one year program.  It is his ticket to the future!