Alex lost his parents before he started school.  An uncle offered to pay for Alex to go to a good primary school if Alex was accepted.  Shortly after being accepted to preschool, the uncle died.  Alex spent a year in his village before a sponsor was found for him.  His intelligence and motivation were immediately apparent.  Alex has been at the top of his class throughout his years at Kibeta English Medium Primary School.  He subsequently was graduated from secondary school.  He wants to become a doctor and he is certainly able academically. We look forward to helping him with his progress.

In his own words in a letter to his sponsors, Alex says:

I am studying hard in order to achieve something at the end. At our school they provide us with quality education and care…I would like to give thanks to you for paying for my school fees from Standard One until now and I wish and beg you to continue like that up to the end. May God be with you in your life.