Maria and Alphonse

Maria is seven years old. She is in grade one in a public school and is already displaying her dedication to her education. She walks three kilometers to school each way – every day. In addition to her commitment to her education, she is also well-mannered and bright.

Alphonce is her younger brother. He is 5 years old. He is not in pre-school yet as he is too young to walk such a long distance to school daily, but will hopefully be joining his older sister soon.

Their mother left when Alphonce was just one year old. They are currently supported by their father Thomas who is 42 years old. Thomas has been deaf since a near fatal bout with meningitis when he was 18 months old. Despite his hearing challenges, he is a hardworking man, growing vegetables, cutting grass, and mulching for income. He earns enough to feed and clothe his family. He is cares very much for his children and is a proud father.  During an interview with the family, his tender care of his children and his dedication to their welfare and future was quite apparent.  However, he is concerned that he is limited in his ability to provide a strong education for his children. Alphonce and Maria will need your support in order to receive a quality education.

Both Maria and Alphonce have been accepted to attend Kibeta English Medium Primary School (KEMPS) where they would receive both quality education and care.  They begin there in January 2017.  The cost per school year is approximately $650.  Maria would attend for six or seven years, Alphonce for eight years.