Elias comes from the Nyebugera Parish on the shore of Lake Victoria – a pretty area of deep poverty with some of the most abysmal statistics on education and health in the country.  Elias lost his parents early in life and struggled to achieve his education.  He came to us highly recommended by his local pastors, community leaders, and by trustee Grace Kashegwe.  We were impressed with his good school records, attempts to finance his schooling through agricultural investment, and his determination.  His brother also promised a small monthly stipend.

We agreed to pay for tuition fees for the three year pharmaceutical program.  Fortune was again not on Elias’ side.  Due to an untimely downturn in onion prices, he lost much of his savings.  His brother had an accident and has yet to make good on his promise of financial assistance.  In spite of this, Elias began his studies at St. Francis University although living a very meager life.

In spite of his hardships, Elias earned excellent marks in his first year courses and sends his thanks to us…..”I honestly thank you….for the school fees, the laptop and the pocket money.  …With an open and clean heart I appreciate the help that you are giving me.  I pray for you Mwalimu Gayle, Grace Kashegwe as my coordinator and all members of GLK Student Fund organization….all over the world.”

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