Anna Grace

Anna Grace’s father died before she could begin school, but she attended a government school in her village up to class two. She was performing excellently. Unfortunately, her mother began suffering from serious and violent episodes of a mental illness, even threatening the lives of her children. Anna Grace and her siblings ran away and tried to find people who would assist them.

She found shelter with a family friend and word came to us of her need. We were able to arrange for her acceptance in an excellent private school where she is thriving in a new, safe environment. The high level of education suits her bright and inquisitive mind and she is always at the top of her class. Anna Grace has recently become a computer monitor and has taken on other leadership roles in her school.

Recently, Anna Grace has completed both primary school and the “pre-form one” course.The “Pre-Form One” course is a two-three month study time that many young girls in Tanzania take between primary and secondary school.  Most private secondary schools offer this to help ensure that students will smoothly transition from primary to secondary school.  In the wake of many pressures young women in Africa face during adolescence, this course is also used as a means to protect them within a safe environment.

Annagrace, has recently completed her Pre-Form One course with flying colors (staight A’s), and will be ready to tackle secondary school in January. Annagrace has come so far already in her young academic career. She knows the value of safety as a key factor in securing her education.

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