Aileth and Aireen

Aileth and Aireen, five years old, attended entrance exams at Kibeta English Medium Primary School (KEMPS) in November of 2016.  Their work shows them to be quite able and prepared to attend a good school. After the exams they told their mother to thank the people who made it possible for them to take the interview.  “Now we are happy next year we will study at the medium school.” The told their mother to please buy the school uniform and shoes because they are so happy they will be studying at KEMPS.

Aileth and Aireen have three older siblings.  Although they have both a father and mother, the mother is the sole financial support for the family including her children’s schooling.  She works hard at any job available.

They live close to KEMPS and will be able to attend as “day scholars”, walking to school each day.  The family will pay for all extra costs, but they will need around $375 per child per year for their tuition.