Announcing our Hwa-Sang Tai M.D. Nursing Scholarship

Hwa-Sang Tai, M.D.
Nursing Scholarship
Hwa-Sang Tai, M.D. was the father of Dr. Jung Tai, a long-time supporter and volunteer of the GLK Student Fund.  Jung Tai has generously donated the funds for this scholarship in his father’s memory, saying:

My father graduated from Taiwan University School of Medicine In Taipei shortly after WWII.  After the war, the country was devastated and needed to be rebuilt. My father moved to a small town to practice medicine for 40 years.  There were only two physicians in that town then.  Some patients had to travel miles and it could take a half-day to see my father. I never realized how significant his job was until my father passed away five years ago and I went back to my hometown to settle his estate.

I had moved out my hometown 30 some years ago. I was a total stranger in the town when I went back five years ago. Due to the slow nature of bureaucracies in the public service, I had prepared for a long wait to get his paperwork done. Surprisingly, when I mentioned his name, I completed my mission with ease. One woman told me that my father had saved her life, and thanks to him she was, and still is, alive.

…..More people should be involved in the medical field in Africa. I am just trying to plant a small seed and hopefully many people can pick from the ensuing tree.

Thank you very much for making this happen,

Jung Tai
Recipient of the Hwa-Sang Tai Nursing Scholarship
Aristidia received her joining instructions to the St. Magdalene Nursing School in Mugana, and joyously joined them in September.  She is a very poor girl who has cared for her ill mother for years.  She is a well qualified candidate who is looking forward to this amazing chance to study and then help those in need in rural Tanzania.