Philemon was just about to finish primary school when his father died.  His mother died a few years later.  The loss of parents took its toll as did new responsibilities caring for his younger siblings.  Philemon is very aware of his responsibilities as head of the family and is doing all he can to fulfill them.  There is almost no assistance from relatives.

With scholarship help from GLK and other friends, Philemon has finished his exams and earned a Bachelor Degree of Science in Procurement and Supply Chain Management (BScP) at St. Augustine University of Tanzania.  He sent us a copy of his research paper in July.  It is called, “An Assessment of the Challenges of Procurement Management Information System – A Case of Bukoba Municipal Council”.   Needless to say, we were impressed.  This paper is dedicated to his guardians and sponsors who include Pastor Martin and Dr. Anthea Bethge (Germany) and the Trustees of the GLK Student Fund.

Philemon has been working as a program associate for the GLK Scholarship Fund since October 2015. His work, particularly in getting new candidates to school, has been professional and caring. Philemon has been an asset to the fund. We are very pleased for his service to the scholarship students, the donors, and the trustees and happy that he has the opportunity to give back and be able to share his experiences and wisdom with our current students.