Nancy came to us as a bright young primary school student.  She has since graduated with excellent results and gone on to secondary school  Her father is a pastor, and her mother raises beans and maize.  Because of extremely low salaries and financial difficulties, they were only able to pay a quarter of the school fees of her primary school KEMPS.  Nancy has received a partial scholarship from a pastor’s family in the United States that supplemented the amount her parents could pay and allowed her to complete her primary school education at a good school.

Nancy was always at the top of her class and was also elected head girl (prefect) of the school.  She was thrilled to attend graduation ceremonies and gives thanks to her sponsors and teachers for her success.  Although earlier she was interested in pursuing a degree in engineering, she now says that she is considering becoming a pastor – like her father and her sponsor.  We are happy to support Nancy and know that, with her calm spirit and confidence, she will continue to succeed.