Namala is six years old.  When we met her, she attended a local pre-school while living with her parents who have an arranged marriage.  Her mother is 31 years old and her father is 45 years old. Unfortunately, the father suffers from a mental illness which is aggravated by alcohol consumption.  At least twice a month, he disappears and then returns home very violent. During these periods, Namala’s mother has to hide and protect the children and their belongings.

Because of the unpredictable violence, great poverty and lack of sleeping room in their small house, Namala’s mother decided to connect with the GLK Student Fund. This connection allowed her to send Namala and her sister Happiness, to a boarding school which provides them with a safe home and an excellent education.

Namala took the entrance exams for KEMPS and was accepted.  An enthusiastic sponsor was located, and now Namala is enjoying both learning in her pre-school class and being near her sister.