We are so happy to introduce new scholarship recipient, Josephine. Her scholarship is made possible by new supporters, Linda and Tim Voss. We welcome student and sponsor both!

Josephine is 14 years old, but was orphaned early. She does not remember her parents. Her mother’s brother took her in, but as is common, she was not treated equally with the other children in the family. She acted as babysitter and was not allowed to enter kindergarten when her “siblings” did. Other abuses followed and through the intervention of a neighbor, a distant relative was alerted to her situation. This “auntie” is a loving and generous person, but one who lives with HIV/AIDS and who has almost no resources herself beyond the house she lives in.

In spite of the obstacles in her path, Josephine completed government primary school with good grades. She also passed the national exams – a testament to her intelligence and diligence in studies. According to local acquaintances, she is an “ardent student” and has conducts herself very well. Josephine is very hard-working and self-motivated, loving to make plans and decisions for herself.

We were happy to assist Josephine in taking the entrance exams for Kajumulo Alexander Girls’ High School in Kibeta, which has an excellent reputation. We are all very glad for this opportunity for Josephine.