Our Students

Currently, we have many scholarship candidates who need sponsors. Here are a few of our applicants.   If you are looking to help a needy student get an education, please Contact Us.

Current Needs


Delphinus is a hardworking twenty-one year old. Unfortunately, Delphinius’ education was cut short due to the lack of parental presence in his household. In their absence, Delphinius stepped up and took on the responsibility of caring for his siblings.Delphinus is eager to re-engage with his schooling and begin learning about his passion, which is agriculture. He hopes to establish a connection with a sponsor who will support him while he takes classes at Ntoma Vocational School. Following his course of study, Delphinius wants to act on his entrepreneurial drive and work for himself to support his family.

The best choice for him is Ntoma Vocational School – majoring in agriculture.  A two year course of study would cost $600 for each year, $1,200 total.


Yared is a born leader – at school, home and church, school. Trustee Grace Kashegwe met him when she was visiting a small village church and was surprised to find that Yared was conducting the choir! Later she discovered that he fulfills yet another leadership role as the head prefect at his primary school. He is a charismatic young boy with great potential.

His family lives in a mud and straw house with a grass floor and a tin roof. They will never be able to help Yared attend a school where he can get the education he deserves. We evaluated his situation and chose an excellent primary school for Yared to attend. So far, he has adjusted well and is earning straight ‘A’s.

He does not have a sponsor, but certainly deserves our investment in his education.

Aileth and Aireen

Aileth and Aireen, five years old, attended entrance exams at Kibeta English Medium Primary School (KEMPS) in November of 2016.  Their work shows them to be quite able and prepared to attend a good school. After the exams they told their mother to thank the people who made it possible for them to take the interview.  “Now we are happy next year we will study at the medium school.” The told their mother to please buy the school uniform and shoes because they are so happy they will be studying at KEMPS.

Aileth and Aireen have three older siblings.  Although they have both a father and mother, the mother is the sole financial support for the family including her children’s schooling.  She works hard at any job available.

They live close to KEMPS and will be able to attend as “day scholars”, walking to school each day.  The family will pay for all extra costs, but they will need around $375 per child per year for their tuition.


Ziada is a twenty-one year old young woman from the Muleba district, about 160 kilometers away from GLK Student Fund’s home base in Bukoba. Ziada grew up with her twin brother Maulid. Both Ziada and Maulid shared a rather precarious upbringing. They were initially raised by their father and mother, the latter of whom suffered severe mental illness. Their father, under the strain of his wife’s condition eventually abandoned his children and later died.  Their only other relative is a maternal grandmother who is partially blind.

In spite of these challenges, Ziada persevered through her education. She excelled in her studies at Kishoju Secondary School. She is so far one of only three students from this high school to pass the national secondary school examination, as well as the only girl to do so. Ziada has ambitions to pursue her Bachelor’s of Education at the University of Iringa. However, Ziada needs your support in order pursue her career path.

Because we believe in Ziada’s commitment to her education and her ability, GLK Student Fund has advanced funds for her to begin a three year degree.  The costs are approximately $2,500 per year.  We are looking for either full or partial sponsorship(s) for Ziada.