Directors & Trustees


Trustees From Left to Right: Grace Kashegwe, Samson Lugaisa, Judith Bukambu, Gayle Kliever, and Joyce Lwakatare.

The trustees and directors of the scholarship fund – professionals in Tanzania and the US – ensure that only worthy and needy students are helped.   With your help, we can do more and help more students build hopeful futures of potential and productivity. Our trustees are all dedicated to the fund, and bring years of expertise in a wide variety of fields:education, law, social work, accounting, and nonprofit development. The fact that our directors and trustees are divided between Tanzania and the United States allows us to expand our reach, while also maintaining a more personal, grassroots approach to supporting  the community.  Please click on the September 2020 Newsletter in the Newsletter Archives to read more about our Trustees.

US Directors

Steven Bonell Porter

Steve has worked in the oil and gas industry for over 20 years.  He is a past Deputy Commissioner for the Department of Revenue for the State of Alaska and a consultant to the Alaska legislature on oil and gas tax and pipeline matters.  Steve is currently working as Deputy County Counsel in Inyo County, California.

Elizabeth Kliever Porter

Elizabeth is a special education teacher in California.  She was a speech and language tutor while she lived in Alaska. Elizabeth has also helped set up local charitable organizations such as Love Inc. and has been active in a variety of family support non-profits.  She has visited Tanzania on several occasions both as tourist and visiting teacher.

Gayle Lyn Kliever

Gayle is the Executive Director of the GLK Student Fund. After spending five years teaching in Tanzania, she returned to the United States and inspired by the resilience of her students, founded the GLK Student Fund. In addition to her work at the GLK Student Fund, Gayle works as an accountant specializing in nonprofits.

Tanzania Trustees

Judith Kamala Bukambu

Judith also worked as a social worker and co-worker for the HIV & AIDS Unit of the Eastern and Coastal Dioceses of the Lutheran Church in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  She is currently “retired” and volunteering full time for several charitable organizations.

Samson Mbelwa Lugaisa

Samson studied architecture in Germany at University of Hannover.  He worked for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania North Western Diocese.  Samson is currently working with Triple A Limited an architectural consulting firm where he is a partner.  He is also the incumbent Board Chairman of Kashozi Secondary School.  Samson is married and has four children.

Grace Zawadi Kashegwe

Grace was a Deaconess with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania for 15 years.  She has worked at Ntoma Orphanage, at Ndolage School of Nursing, and Kibeta English Medium Primary School – all in the Bukoba district.  She is currently head nurse at Bunazi Health Center in Tanzania.

Joyce Phineas Lwakatare

Joyce has over 13 years teaching experience at Kyaitoke and Rwoga Primary Schools.  She also spent five years involved with the German primary schools in Recklinghausen, BRD.  Since 1999 she has been the founding head teacher of Kibeta English Medium Primary School in Bukoba, Tanzania.  She is married to Pastor Phenias Lwakatare and has five children.